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Leasing Procedures

Leasing Application

Welcome to the place where Good Things happen.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with GTlandev! In this company, we make sure that everything you do here is done with ease and comfort. We are glad to welcome your application on leasing a space with us and establishing your business on all our different real estate developments in the Country.

You are one step closer to becoming our Tenants

1. Please accomplish completely in typewritten form the application form.

Choose, Download, Print, Sign, Scan and Email back the Application Form to us.

Application Procedures: Download

Application Form: Downloadable Form

*Adobe Reader is needed to read the file

2. General Requirements

For Companies and Partnerships

  • Company Profile
  • Description of concept/target market
  • Financial Statement of the preceding year
  • If with existing store: 2-4 photographs of typical outlet: (1 for store front; 1 to 3 for inner lay-out) area of store(s)
  • for foreign brands/foreign food franchise: letter from foreign principal assigning your company as the franchise holder brochures/catalogues (1 copy only)


For Individuals (e.g. Doctors, Dentists)

  • Individual Profile
  • Description of work

*Please refer to the downloadable forms for specifics requirements

3. Address applications to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Gothong Private Wharf, Pier 7,

Reclamation Area

Mandaue City, Cebu



4. Upon receipt of the fully accomplished application form and requirements, you shall be informed of the status of your application by e-mail/phone.

* In case of space unavailability, your applications will still be kept in our database, and we will inform you immediately (based on your needs) should there be a vacancy in any of our real estate sites.

*Rental Rates vary in each real estate site.