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About us Philosophy




Anchoring on what our illustrious founder, Don Carlos A. Gothong and his son, Alfredo Gothong had believed in since he ventured in the shipping business a century ago, the Gothongnians stand proud in living up to the very values that see the company through all these years. At GTLandev, we value the GOTHONG way

God. We believe that God provides everything. That with God’s guidance and generosity, we can bring value service to our customers and in return gain profit with honor.

Ownership. We believe that sense of ownership entails honoring commitments and accepting responsibility for our actions and behavior.

Teamwork. We believe in leveraging the abilities of our employees, suppliers, contractor and customers through a cooperative team approach in getting the work done.

Honesty and integrity. We believe in operating with honesty and integrity in all our business dealings. We conduct ourselves in a responsible fashion as outlined in our Employee Manual and Code of Conduct.

Opportunity. We believe in creating a culture where employees are given equal opportunities to become leaders in recognition of their excellent performance.

Nurturing community. We believe that nurturing community brings forth harmony. That as such, we commit to contribute to its development by protecting the environment in which we operate and backing up projects of social benefit.

Gratitude. We believe that at the core of our existence, we will be forever grateful to our customers, our business partners, our leaders, our employees, and most of all to our founder, Don Carlos A. Gothong.